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Beacon Sciences, LLC, was founded in 2007 based on pioneering work by Dr. Eric V. Anslyn, of The University of Texas, to deliver visible and simple custom assays to the scientific community using the power of chemiluminescence. Our proprietary technology empowers the environmental, life sciences, clinical diagnostics and biodefense industries to retrieve data and results quickly and cost-effectively without the need for heavy and expensive bench-top equipment.


ETI Management

Kris Looney
Kris Looney
Executive Vice President and Managing Director


Beacon Sciences, LLC, is an Emergent Technologies Inc. (ETI) portfolio company and ETI provides all management services and operations support.

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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Emergent Technologies, Inc. (Emergent) is a leading innovation solutions company that identifies, manages, develops and partners to turn game-changing scientific discoveries into market-driven products. Emergent's diverse business and technical team along with its unique innovation process of transforming scientific breakthroughs into technology platforms with multiple applications, maximizes the value of promising ideas and underutilized intellectual properties without the risk associated with commercial development. The company applies its experience and expertise to provide investors, entrepreneurs, communities and industry partners access to innovative solutions to advance initiatives and protect and grow core businesses with novel, differentiating technology. For more information, visit the Emergent website www.emergenttechnologies.com



September 8, 2008 :
Beacon Sciences Announces New Color-Changing Assay for Creatinine PDF Document

April 10, 2007 :
The University of Texas at Austin Licenses Molecular Recognition
Assay Technology to Beacon Sciences, LLC  PDF Document