Beacon Sciences seeks partnerships with leading assay development and novel biomarker discovery companies in the environmental, life sciences, clinical diagnostics, molecular tools and biodefense fields for collaborative development of key applications.

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Our Target Markets

  • Clinical diagnostics (infectious disease, cardiology, oncology, hormones, drugs of abuse)
  • Drug discovery and novel molecular tools and reagents
  • Environmental and industrial sensor applications
  • Chemical and biothreat agent detection

Market Opportunity

With applications in environmental, life science research, clinical diagnostics, and biodefense, Beacon Sciences has a combined market opportunity of over $20 billion. Key opportunities exist in molecular reagent kits production and rapid biodefense tests for nerve agents and other biothreat agents. The low cost and simplicity of Beacon Sciences' tests also open substantial opportunities in environmental, industrial and point-of-care diagnostics test kits.

Business Synergy

Beacon Sciences, LLC is funded and managed by Emergent Technologies, Inc. (ETI), a venture capital firm with more than a dozen portfolio companies and technologies. ETI seeks scientific and business synergies within its portfolio of companies and partners, leveraging combined expertise to maximize opportunities for successful commercialization.

ETI has succeeded not only in gaining access to significant capital through our four different affinity funds, but also in creating an efficient corporate structure that reduces costs of each company in our portfolio, leverages existing relationships and expertise, and successfully processes multiple opportunities without duplicating overhead and costs for each new endeavor.